When is the best time to travel to Mongolia?

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If you aren’t looking for extreme experiences, better to travel to Mongolia in June or period from August to October. During that time temperatures are doable for any average mortal.

Nadaam Festival

Consider however traveling in July if you want to attend largest national festival in Mongolia — Nadaam. It’s held annually between 11–13 July in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolians from whole country gather in the capital to participate in „three mannish competitions”. These are: crazy horse racing, traditional wrestling and archery (women participate too).

Three Polish mannish competitions in Smarzewski’s „Wedding” movie. Mongolians however enjoy other sports too.


Instead of work in glass skyscraper, mortgage and couch from Ikea I chosen a travel to unknown. That’s how I landed in China. I burned maps and walked straight ahead. Sometimes the wind whips my eyes, but at least I feel that I am alive.

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