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Instead of work in glass skyscraper, mortgage and couch from Ikea I chosen a travel to unknown. That’s how I landed in China. I burned maps and walked straight ahead. Sometimes the wind whips my eyes,…

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By crossing the new roads and meeting new people, I learn the world. And if you want to change the world, better to learn it first.

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You won’t understand the world sitting in your slippers in a front of TV. Neither you will learn much sitting whole days long locked in the office, listening to the buzz of fluorescent tubes over your head. Even your own helicopter won’t help you if you are landing only on rooftops of skyscrapers.

That’s why we moved to China, that’s why we love traveling, that’s why we made this blog. To encourage others to live truly their lives. Just go and check yourself why it’s worth to go beyond the hood and get your sandals dirty.

We write about fascinating people, that we encountered, about occurrences that sculpt our world today, about all shades of otherness, that lie behind the horizon. Sometimes seriously, sometimes off the wall, but always sincere.

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