A great short trip to the Zaisan Hill in Ulaanbaatar

Down over Zaisan Hill
A great short trip to the Zaisan Hill in Ulaanbaatar

Just an hour walk from Ulaanbaatar center, Zaisan Hill is the best place to rest from dust and noise of the city. Short trip on the top will reward you with breathtaking view on Mongolian plateau.


South from city center. You may have difficulties to find the right path on the top, because vast area around hill is surrounded by houses and farms. Check exact place on the map.

What can I see?

Zaisan Monument erected to honour Soviet soldiers killed in World War II, another enormous statue — this time golden Buddha, Mongolian obos, symbolical offerings for spirits guarding their land.

How much?

For free, but don’t forget to feed spirits to let you go. You can buy them off with fruits, nuts, candies or a few drops of vodka.

Enjoy the view!


Instead of work in glass skyscraper, mortgage and couch from Ikea I chosen a travel to unknown. That’s how I landed in China. I burned maps and walked straight ahead. Sometimes the wind whips my eyes, but at least I feel that I am alive.

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