Mongolian traditional music and dance at the Theatre Tumen Ekh

Mongolian traditional music and dance at the Theatre Tumen Ekh

There are several theaters in Ulaanbaatar, that perform shows with traditional Mongolian music and dance, but one at Tumen Ekh is simply the best.


The theater building is small. It is even hard to recognize from outside, that it is a theater. What’s more, any local people, that we were asking for directions, they haven’t known the name. That’s because Tumen Ekh belongs to the Musical Academy and is enclosed within it’s small campus. Find exact address on the map.


Every day at 6 pm. It’s worth to buy tickets in advance. Otherwise they might be already sold out just before the performance.

How much?

In 2012 the single ticket cost 15000 MNT.

What can I see?

Demonstration of traditional Mongolian arts: dance, throat singing, music played on instrument called morin khuur (like viola, but with horse head ;) Just click play button on video above and check the sample.

And let us know how was it afterwards!


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