Getting to Mongolia: 3 best solutions

Naushki Russia border with Mongolia
Getting to Mongolia: 3 best solutions

What is the perfect way to get to Mongolia? Transsiberian Railway! You can go across the country with the line ending in Beijing. Depart from one of Siberian cities (e.g. Irkutsk) on a way or just from Moscow.

How about other routes?

1. From Russia

You can take a direct bus from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar, which departs at 10 am every day (according to schedule from 2009).

2. From China

From Beijing you can take a train to border city — Erlian (二连浩特). There you need to cross border in one of 4×4 taxis produced a few decades ago in USSR. There is no pedestrian traffic. Once you get to Zamyn-Üüd on Mongolian side, you can take a train to Ulaanbaatar, that departs only once per day on morning. Check out our ultimate guide how to save money on this trip.

3. Flying to Ulaanbaatar

Finally the easiest way — you can arrive directly in Genghis Khan Airport. There are some direct connections you check for cheap tickets: Beijing, Berlin, Bishkek, Hong Kong, Irkutsk, Istanbul, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo. If you are planning to go on summer, there are seasonal flights from: Frankfurt, Osaka, Paris and Singapore. You can find cheapest round-trip flight from Europe for 700 EUR.

Any other way?

If you did a ride on a camel through Gobi, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment. New routes, better deals and updated schedules and prices are always welcome :-)


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