Are you tired of the city? Try other places close to Ulaanbaatar:

Bogd Khan Mountain

Bogd Khan Mountain is a holy place for Mongolians. It’s just 10 km south from Ulaanbaatar and it’s perfect for hiking. The peak is 2261 meters above sea level. That gives 914 meters of altitude difference from the base of the mount.

Genghis Khan Monument

Genghis Khan has already outstanding monument on city main square, but that seemed to not be enough for Mongolians. In 2008 they decided to honour their great patron with another one, even more impressive and more appropriate to his impressive live. So they build the world greatest, 40-meter high equestrian statue. To see this 8th world wonder, you need to drive 54 km on east from Ulaanbaatar, to Tuul river bank.

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