Don't forget to take: packing to Mongolia

Packing suitcase to Mongolia

Passports, credit cards, favorite hats, lucky rabbit leg totem… what else do you need to pack for your Mongolian trip? Check out our pack list. Necessary stuff only.

  1. Handkerchief to cover your face from the terrible dust, so you will be able to breath;
  2. Warm clothes and sleeping bag, which will help you to survive during really cold nights. Take especially if you are going to stay in yurt. Remember about this even during summer;
  3. Mongolian or Russian phrasebook. Finding anybody speaking English in rural areas is barely possible. Even in Ulaanbaatar it’s a challenge;
  4. Consider taking vaccination against rabies. You need to do it at least 3 months before departure (3 doses, one dose per month). Stories about travelers bitten by stray dogs are often heard from here. Diary products from infected farm animals can cause rabies too.
  5. Anti-diarrhea pills and other basic drugs. Different bacterial flora eg. in fresh diary products can cause digestion problems. You’d better avoid them if you don’t want to spend too much time in Mongolian toilet. Once you try it, you will know how important this advice is.

That’s all. The rest of stuff you can easily find in Ulaanbaatar. Not always cheap, though. Check some sample prices in the city to plan your expenses accordingly.

How about your pack list?

Have you been to Mongolia? Did you forget to take anything? Let others know in a comment :-)


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