Hi! I’m Marie, the blue-sky and green-grass lover.

I was born on Far Eastern Sakhalin Island, among wolfs and bears, and later I spent another 15 years in Siberia just to be back to the East. In Vladivostok city, I finished the sinology studies, which completely connected me to the Asian region. This circumstance gave me a lucky chance to come in 2012 for a year-scholarship program in China, Hangzhou – the city of legends and dreams.

After spending some time with Korean diaspora and bankrupting on regular visits to Korean restaurants, I went back to the poor western community represented by the room next-door and its owner — Artur, rebellious Polish programmer and web-designer who wanted to taste the dark side of Chinese cuisine.

Together we had enough time to be lost in Nepalese jungles, hitch-hike out of necessity in Qinghai, survive crossing the land border between China and Kazakhstan and, of course, dispute upon Russia and Poland.

After a year, we realized that we still need to debate over some political issues and decided to continue our discussions in Vladivostok. There, while I was struggling with the University graduation, Artur was being tested by the cold winds and a rough neighborhood. But we went through it, receiving the Diploma, fluency in Russian language and my scholarship for Master degree in design, in Xiamen University claimed to be “the most beautiful university in China”.

After living in this beautiful campus for three years, we decided that Europe has a second chance. This is how we moved to Poland and how we’ve got where we are now.

When we’re not busy inventing crazy plans on our next travel, I am working as a freelance graphic designer and destination wedding photographer in Europe.

If you’re anywhere nearby and would like to meet for a cup of spicy Masala tea, feel free to drop me a message:

[email protected].